Crop circle towels for UFO-friendly bathrooms

These crop circle towels add a touch of alien beauty for any home, whether you believe spacecrafts have landed on Earth or not. – yoga

Crop circles have appeared in cornfields and meadows around the globe since the 17th century. UFO enthusiasts claim they’re intricate patterns signifying landing pads for alien spacecraft, while skeptics say crop circles aren’t anything more than pranks realized by artistic farmers.

In either case, these mysterious designs make perfect patterns for these crop circle towels on Kickstarter.

Brooklyn, NY-based Anatoliy Omelchenko made a decision to pay tribute for the extraterrestrial-inspired works of art by displaying the designs on hand towels, bath towels as well as beach towels. Each towel “features an alternative crop circle design in it to represent three different cornfields.”

The towels are made with organic cotton and come in three shades of green: green-yellow, teas and forest green.

The forest-green beach towel is 28 inches by 59 inches (71.12 centimeters by 149.86 centimeters), while the green-tea bath towel is 28 inches by 39.5 inches (71.12 by 100.33 centimeters) and the green-yellow hand towel is 20 inches by 29.5 inches (50.8 centimeters by 74.93 centimeters).

The Kickstarter campaign offers the option to buy sets of three crop circle designs, or purchase the towels individually. The soft towel is $5 (about £3 or AU$6), the tub towel is $8 (about £5 or AU$10) and the beach towel is $12 (about £8 or AU$15). The basic set (one of each towel) will set you back $25 (about £17 or AU$32). For one more cost, you can get your initials embroidered around the towels. – yoga

If the Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal of $7,000 by March 7, the towels is going to be shipped by the second half of May. Picture


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